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How an 80-year-old vendor sold his home online

Selling your home online at the age of 80… what could go wrong? Read the amazing story of Cyril, the elderly vendor proving that you don’t need to be a Millennial to get on-board real estate technology. It’s an unlikely pairing — an 80-year-old vendor and an online bidding platform that’s at the forefront of property sales. But that’s exactly what happened when Mint Real Estate, and founder of Openn Negotiation, Peter Clements met Cyril...

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Law firms lose millions to hackers in ‘highly sophisticated’ email scam

This article is but one example of the way email can be used to steal from clients. Lawyers Conveyancing has taken cyber-security a step further, and we no longer send important documents as attachments to emails. Instead, all clients have access to their own Secure Document Exchange (SDX) portal where documents can be exchanged safely and with a time-stamped audit trail. At least two Queensland law firms have lost several million dollars after falling victim...

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Court Finds Solicitor Forged Wife’s Signature

by Tim O’Dwyer M.A., LL.B Solicitor Consumer Advocate During 2008 the Commonwealth Bank made loans totalling $13.5 million to Matthew Perrin, his wife Nicole and their family company. Among other securities, the bank relied on guarantees and mortgages apparently signed by Nicole. Some of these encumbered Perrins’ (previously unencumbered) sprawling Cronin Island family home held in Nicole’s name. During 2008 the Commonwealth Bank made loans totalling $13.5 million to Matthew Perrin, his wife Nicole and their...

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Pre-Purchase Advice Report

Avoid problems by ordering a Pre-Purchase Advice Report. Our Pre-Purchase Advice Report could save you thousands of dollars for a cost of only $275.

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