Conveyancing Instructions – Selling

Before we can start we need a completed Sale Form which gives us basic information about you and the property you are selling.

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Using the PDF Form:

  1. Just click on the link to download the sale form: Sale Form.
  2. Complete the Sale Formand send it to us by any of the following methods:


    Fax: (03) 9725 3316

    Lawyers Conveyancing
    Suite 6, 3-5 Hewish Road,
    Croydon 3136

  3. Confirm that we have received your form by contacting our office if you have not received a confirmation email within an hour or two.
  4. When we have received your Sale Form we will write to you to formally confirm your instructions to act for you, and to commence your conveyancing matter.

Documents required for inclusion in your Section 32

There are certain documents that are required inclusions in your Section 32 Vendors Statement, and we will need these documents to prepare your Section 32 Vendor’s Statement. To see which documents are necessary for your sale CLICK HERE

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