Conveyancer or Lawyer

By asking the right questions, you can quickly determine for yourself whether you should trust your conveyancing transaction to a lawyer or a licensed conveyancer. As a law firm dedicated to consumer protection and the representation of consumers in conveyancing transactions, we must acknowledge our self-interest in advising you that you should engage us to represent you in your conveyancing matter.

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Cooling Off Period – Melbourne Victoria – FAQ

A purchaser of real estate in Victoria is entitled to “cool off” within 3 days of signing a contract, subject to certain conditions. On this page we will examine the cooling off right, demonstrate why cooling off is always a poor option, and explain the correct way to cool off. URGENT: Cool off NOW! What is “cooling off” What’s wrong with “cooling off” Avoiding the need to “cool off” How to “cool off” If it’s...

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Real Estate Contracts

The Contract of Sale of Real Estate is the term used to describe the document prepared by a lawyer, and used to formalise the sale of real estate. However, the word 'Contract' has more than one meaning.

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